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We’re passionate about helping businesses get the support they need to continue to thrive, and we know that the best advice often comes recommended.

Join our affiliate referral partner program at Blue Commercial. We can help you add value to your clients, colleagues and friends by ensuring that they are accessing all of the applicable specialist tax incentives available to them.

Successful, mutually beneficial relationships are at the centre of our ethos. We will work with you to identify the right people in your network, where you will receive a revenue share in our success fee. All it takes is the right introduction!

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At Blue Commercial we collaborate with and support hundreds of accountancy firms in preparing specialist tax relief claims for their clients.

We recognise that a one-size-fit approach does not fit all, so we offer tailored and white labelled solutions, maximising the value you can offer to your clients.


Why outsource to Blue Commercial?


Complete claim handling: Support through the full process, from cost collection through to narrative writing, submission and even enquiry support, all on a success fee basis.


Our bespoke online portal is intuitive, supports digital exports and integrations and provides full transparency on claim progress to you and your client.


Improve client retention by offering additional bespoke services to your client and open new revenue streams for your practice.


Ultimately, behind every claim is a claim analyst, industry expert and tax specialist – above all, human interaction and knowledge sharing is a priceless commodity to all of our accountancy partnerships.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact our Head of Partnerships today to explore how we could collaborate with your accountancy practice.